Tips for Treating a Birthday Stripper Well

So you’ve decided to hire a stripper to dance for the guest of honor at a birthday party. Whether you’re hiring an erotic dancer to strip for the birthday boy or looking for a hot male stripper to tease the birthday girl, these tips will help make sure everyone has a great time.


Communicate Your Expectations Clearly

Unlike a bachelor party or bachelorette party where everyone knows the strippers are the main entertainment, people have all sorts of different expectations when they hire a female or male stripper for a birthday party. When you set up the party with the company that provides exotic dancers, make sure they understand exactly what you want so they can send you the right erotic entertainer. No dancer wants to show up expecting to do a full night, only to find out that the organizers were expecting a short tease for the guest of honor.


Consider the Party Guests and Guest of Honor When Deciding on a Stripper Package

There are some audiences that will be more appreciative of a stripper show than others, so think it through before deciding on your stripper package. While teasing is an expected part of a private party strip show, any embarrassment should be good natured. If your guest of honor or other expected party guests are likely to be offended, no one will have much fun. If you’re sure that everyone will get into the spirit of things, head on over to our stripper pictures and pick out your favorite girl or guy.


Prep for the Stripper Before They Show Up

Our strippers will show up in street clothes and change into costume once they arrive – and they’ve got some awesome costumes! Make sure you provide them with a private area where they can change and stash their stuff. A separate room, an unused office or even a large and comfortable bathroom will all do just fine.


Encourage All the Guests to Tip

Make sure the party guests know that there will be a stripper surprise at the birthday party and encourage them to come well-supplied with folding money to tip the dancer. Remember, the size and frequency of the tips will determine the heat of the party games and how long your stripper stays.


Talk to the Stripper (or Her Handler) Before the Performance

The best way to make sure that everyone is on the same page is to keep the lines of communication open. A quick chat with the stripper or her companion before the performance begins will clear up any misunderstandings and help you prepare everyone for a great erotic party.