Five Stripper Tips for An Awesome Erotic Party

All the dancers here at My Erotic Party want to make sure you have the hottest, most erotic party possible. That’s why we’re sharing some tips from our hottest strippers to make sure your bachelor party, bachelorette party or any other adult party is a total success.


Money Stuff

Let’s get the money stuff out of the way first. If you’re the one booking the strippers for the party, you also get to spread the word about tipping. You’ll see all of our fees and what’s included in My Erotic Party packages on our PACKAGES page. You’ll notice that each package talks about “special games” or “bags of tricks.” All of our erotic performers have their favorite erotic games, and the longer the night goes on, the wilder and hotter the games will get. How do you get the party to go on longer? The magic of tipping, of course! The more your guests tip, the more fun everyone will have – and the best tippers will have the most fun of all. If each of your guests comes with $25 to $50 in his wallet, we’ll have a lovely hot time.


How to Treat Hot Strippers

Remember that our adult dancers are performers, not escorts. What we do may look easy, but we put in an awful lot of time practicing and working out new routines and costumes so we can fit your hottest fantasies. We’ll always respond best – and everyone will have the most fun – if you treat us with respect.

Don’t talk down to us or call us names or pressure us to go beyond the limits set for the party. We have the right to leave the party if your guests treat us badly. The more respectful you are, the more fun everyone will have.


Bring Your ID

It’s against the law to strip for minors, and none of our dancers want to end up in jail. All of our performers will ask for valid ID if anyone at the party looks underage. Leave your little brother at home and bring your ID with you so we can put on a great show for you and your guests.


Get the Room Ready

We’ll bring the props, costumes, party games and music, but there are a few things you should do to make sure we’re comfortable enough to make your party the most erotic party ever. First, set aside a room or bathroom where we can change and get ready for your show. Make sure the room is warm enough for nakedness – no open windows, please, and keep the air conditioning reasonable.

Also remember that we’re dancing for you and your guests, not the neighbors. Close the blinds or draw the curtains, please! Finally, check with us about any special setup, like a chair for the guest of honor’s strip show. If we’ve got what we need, we promise you a sizzling hot show you’ll never forget.


The Extra Person

Some of our dancers may bring an assistant with her to help get everyone comfortable, run the music and lights, and tee up the drinks, chocolate and whipped cream for naughty party games. Don’t freak out – they’re friendly! If you’ve got questions about anything related to the show, they’re the ones to ask.

We take a lot of pride in providing you the hottest, most erotic party of your life. If you’ve got questions, just drop us a line via the contact form and we’ll be happy to answer them.